What is Anchorage, AK known for?

If you want to experience the vibrant metropolitan energy of a city and the breathtakingly rugged wilderness of the outdoors, a trip to Anchorage, Alaska is just the ticket! From embracing the existential wonder of the Northern Lights, to munching on an akutaq (Alaskan ice cream) and whale-spotting on the infamous Tony Knowles Coastal Trail – Anchorage is a must-visit destination for any awe-seeking adventurer.

We’ve combined some of the best sightseeing spots on our guided Anchorage city biking tours and mountain biking tours from Anchorage. So, whether you’re a pedaling pro, or just want to feel the rush of that fresh Alaskan air in your hair, we’ve got a tour that’s just right for you. If you have any questions about our tours, just contact our friendly local team – otherwise, join us on a virtual visit to the most popular places in Anchorage!

A wide river and surrounding mountains under a cloudy sky. Photo: John Thomas

The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail 

Located in the sprawling Kincaid Park, the 11-mile-long Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is among the most well-known attractions in Anchorage – and for good reason. Along the divide between land and sea, you’ll enjoy sensational views of the coastline, mountains, and Downtown Anchorage, with plenty of places to stop and take in the views.

As you make your way along the trail, keep your eyes peeled for some of Alaska’s most iconic wildlife, including bald eagles, moose, black bears, and even beluga whales! While you can certainly hike or jog the trail (and many people do), nothing quite beats pedaling past the sweeping views of the Chugach Mountains and surrounding landscape on two wheels.

If cruising alongside the Cook Inlet sounds like your idea of a great time, check out our Coastal Cruise Bike Tour for three hours of forested fun, facts, and (optional) freewheeling! 

The Northern Lights Near Anchorage

No guide to Anchorage’s top spots would be complete without a nod to this mesmerizing atmospheric phenomenon. Believed by some Native American cultures to be ancestral spirits dancing in the sky, these undulating rivers of luminescence are one of the world’s most captivating natural wonders.

If gazing up at this dynamic display is something you’ve always wanted to do, head to Point Woronzof, Turnagain Arm, or Glen Alps Trailhead. Your best chances of seeing the lights are on a clear night between September and April – just be sure to check the aurora forecast beforehand to avoid disappointment! 

A river, forest, and green and yellow light across a starry sky. Photo: McKayla Crump

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Home to bears, lynx, moose, bison, and many more, Anchorage is the perfect place to discover awesome animals in their natural habitat. And while you can certainly catch many of these beguiling beasts roaming in the wild, no trip to Alaska’s largest city would be complete without a visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Just an hour’s drive south from Anchorage, this haven for injured and orphaned animals is the best place to get up close and personal with black and brown bears, muskox, wolves, reindeer, coyotes, and many, many more. For the ultimate wildlife-watching experience, join the center’s Walk on the Wild Side Tour, where you’ll learn all about these sensational species and even get the chance to feed some yourself!

Photo: Colin + Meg

The Alaska Native Heritage Center

Anchorage is a city of many flavors – and we’re not just talking about the food! One of the most culturally-diverse cities in the United States, 12% of Anchorage’s population are Native Peoples, which is more, percentage-wise, than in any other state. 

If immersing yourself in the rich history of Alaska’s indigenous people is top of your list, head to the Alaska Native Heritage Center. As well as traditional art, dance, and interactive exhibits, the center also offers the unique chance to discover six authentic Native dwellings on the edges of the stunning Lake Tiulana.

Downtown Anchorage 

With tons of attractions, landmarks, and a vibrant culinary scene, Downtown Anchorage is the perfect place to learn about the city’s fascinating history while soaking up its colorful culture. Start the day with a trip through space and time in the Anchorage Museum’s 11,000 ft Discovery Center, before enjoying live music and local markets in Town Square Park and picking up some trinkets to take back home at 4th Avenue Marketplace.

Science and shopping not your thing? No problem! You can also catch a show at the Alaska Center for Performing Arts, grab a reindeer dog from a friendly local vendor and head to one of Anchorage’s many lively bars for a cheeky cocktail or craft beer.

If you’re visiting between late February and early March, don’t miss the chance to run with reindeer and watch the World Championship Sled Dog Races at Fur Rendezvous (or Fur Rondy to the locals). For two weeks each year, Downtown Anchorage is ignited by this traditional festival, which features a snow-sculpting contest, parade, carnival and the largest fireworks display in Alaska.

Buildings, cars and a well-lit road on a rainy night. Photo: Simon Hurry

From epic lakes, to glittering glaciers and the captivating coastlines of the Cook Inlet – Anchorage’s sweeping landscapes can only be described as other-worldy. If you’re ready to start planning your Alaskan adventure, why not embrace the wonder of this sensational city with one of our guided Anchorage mountain biking day tours?

Whether you’d rather breeze past the Chugach Mountains on our 5-hour Anchorage Greenbelt Bike Tour, or cycle your way to some well-earned craft beers on our full-day Anchorage Bike and Brew Tour, our expert guides will make sure your trip is one to treasure forever.

We’re always happy to talk about our favorite city, so if you have any questions about our tours or anything else, feel free to drop us a line.

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