What are the Best Cycling Routes in Anchorage?

At Alaska Trail Guides, we know a thing or two about the biking paradise of Alaska. But it’s this expertise that makes narrowing down a list of the best cycling routes in Anchorage so difficult. Of course, the term “best” is subjective. What one rider loves, another might want to avoid.

Another issue is the impressive collection of greenbelts and trails Anchorage boasts. These range from the scenic coastal routes found on our Anchorage city tours to the heart-pounding trails on our mountain bike tours from Anchorage and our fat bike winter tours in Anchorage.

While we can’t cover them all in one blog, we have picked out some of our favorites to introduce you to the biking adventures waiting for you here in Alaska. Scroll down to find our choices for some of the best cycling routes in Anchorage. If any questions come to mind as you read, please get in touch!

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Visit Anchorage photo shoot – couple biking on Coastal Trail

Cycle Anchorage’s Stunning Coastline

Anchorage’s coastal charm is best experienced on two wheels. There are many incredible sights to see and landscapes to explore, and hopping on a bike allows you to cover more ground than walking.

The iconic Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, a true gem of Anchorage. This 11-mile route one-way starts in downtown Anchorage and ends at Kincaid Park. Along the way it offers breathtaking views of the Chugach Mountains, Cook Inlet, Fire Island, Mount Susitna (Sleeping Lady), Denali (Mount McKinley), and the downtown skyline.

If you don’t want to cover the full 22-mile route, you can easily join the trail at various points in the city. 

Our Anchorage Coastal Cruise Bike Tour is 9.5 miles. We drive to Kincaid Park to start our bike ride and head towards downtown. We end at Westchester Lagoon just before downtown. Our bike tour shows you the best of the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail for those who don’t have the legs or the time for a full 22 mile ride in total! Cycling along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail also offers a great opportunity to see some of our most famous wildlife, including moose and bald eagles.

A bike ride along Anchorage’sTony Knowles Coastal Trail includes:

Kincaid Park

Anchorage’s biggest municipal park, Kincaid Park is a cyclist’s haven with over 35 miles of singletrack mountain biking trails, wide multi-use grass trails, and paved greenbelt trails. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, Kincaid Park has something for everyone. 

Paved paths meander through lush forests, while mountain bikers can tackle challenging singletrack trails that wind through the park’s rolling terrain. At Alaska Trail Guides, we love Kincaid Park! That’s why we chose it as one of the places for our mountain bike clinics and lessons in Anchorage.

Visit Anchorage photo shoot – couple biking on Coastal Trail

Point Woronzof Overlook

Looking out over the water where the Cook Inlet meets Knik Arm, Point Woronzof Overlook offers a panoramic view across the water to the Alaska Range. It’s an ideal spot to pause, catch your breath, and snap some stunning photos.  Point Woronzof Overlook is also beside Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, so you will almost certainly see a plane or two landing and taking off.

Earthquake Park

Staying on the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, and east of Point Woronzof Overlook, you’ll come to Earthquake Park. This park commemorates the devastating 9.2-magnitude earthquake in 1964 that forever reshaped Anchorage’s landscape. Informative signs provide a fascinating historical perspective, but our guided coastal tour is a far more immersive experience told from a truly local perspective.

Westchester Lagoon

This serene urban oasis is a short distance from downtown Anchorage and is loved by locals and tourists alike. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and the Chester Creek Trail converge at Westchester Lagoon, so it is a hub of activity, both on land and in the water.

The lagoon, also known as Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park, is a picturesque setting for a picnic or some birdwatching. You might spot swans, ducks, and other waterfowl in this peaceful refuge. This natural sanctuary is the perfect place to wrap up a trip around Anchorage’s beautiful coastline.

Watch Out for Wildlife on the Anchorage Greenbelt Loop

For those seeking a comprehensive cycling experience, our Anchorage Greenbelt Bike Tour seamlessly connects three fantastic trails: the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Chester Creek Trail, and Campbell Creek Trail. This 30-mile greenbelt loop is a one-of-a-kind adventure along a citywide, award-winning trail system that is one of the best in the United States.

In a single ride, you can explore Anchorage’s diverse neighborhoods, beautiful parks, and natural beauty. You’re also likely to encounter some of our famous wildlife, be it bears, moose, bald eagles, or migratory birds!

The route is paved paths covering mostly flat with some rolling hills, so it’s ideal for active adventurers looking for an authentic Anchorage experience. You will bike from the coast to the mountains and back again following creeks and watching for wildlife along the way! Find even more inspiration for outdoor adventures by reading our blog The Best 10 Trails and Hikes in Anchorage.

Soak in the Natural Beauty of Chugach State Park

For those who crave an adrenaline-pumping adventure, Chugach State Park is your playground. This massive wilderness area covers around 495,000 acres. It’s so big that within its limits you can find mountains, glaciers, coastline, forests, lakes, skiing areas, camping grounds, and a nature center—oh, and 280 miles of well-maintained trails!

And best of all, the western part of Chugach State Park is just a stone’s throw from Anchorage, giving us endless opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, and outdoor exploration. If you want to hike while you’re here too, we included Chugach State Park in our list of the best places to hike in Alaska.

At Alaska Trail Guides, we’ve designed Chugach Mountain Bike Tours in Anchorage that delivers the complete Alaskan experience. The ride is non-technical and on wide doubletrack trails packed with gravel and dirt. And with us, you ride them on amazing fat tire bikes! While there is climbing, as you are in the mountains, you will be rewarded with panoramic views, chances to see wildlife like moose and dall sheep, and if you have the legs for it, a pristine mountain lake. 

With one of our guides leading the way, you will also learn about the natural and human history of the place we call home. And we’ll take you to plenty of great spots for incredible photos too!
Do you want to explore some of Alaska’s national parks during your trip too? Check out our tips for five national parks you must explore near Anchorage.

Feel the Thrill of Hillside Singletrack Trails

In eastern Anchorage, immediately south of Far North Bicentennial Park, the Hillside trails are among the most fun and thrilling mountain biking routes in the region. With challenging singletrack paths, you’ll need to bring your A-game! But with plenty of ascents and descents, this is more of an aerobic challenge than a technical one.

As you conquer the Hillside Singletrack Trails, you’ll be rewarded with stunning vistas of Anchorage, the surrounding mountains, and glimpses of the vast Alaskan wilderness. Hillside is another of our favorite spots for mountain bike clinics and lessons in Anchorage.

Guided Anchorage Bike Tours for an Authentic, Immersive Experience

Now that you know some of our picks for the best cycling routes in Anchorage, why not start planning your adventure? Our mountain bike tours from Anchorage and Anchorage city tours are the perfect way to experience Alaska like a local. This is because our friendly guides are residents with a passion for Anchorage and Alaska. With us, you not only get a thrilling biking experience, but also a new appreciation for our extraordinary state.

Our blog What are Some Little-Known Facts About Anchorage, AK? is a great way to get to know our home city before your trip. If you have questions you need us to answer before booking a tour, please get in touch.

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