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Bike Lessons

We provide private and semi-private mountain biking lessons designed to fit the needs of the riders. By keeping our groups small, we see greater gains for every individual in the lesson.

Book a single lesson or package to design a custom schedule of progressive sessions. We aim to have our riders progress safely while having fun and exploring the beauty of the surrounding area.

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Youth Bike Lessons

Ages 5+


Are your kids craving exciting opportunities to get out in Girdwood or Anchorage and grow as mountain bikers?

Our bike lessons are private so whether they’re here to learn the basics, improve cornering skills, practice maneuvers, or learn and improve their jumping skills, we’ll have them covered! If they want to learn with their siblings or friends we offer semi-private lessons as well.

Single Bike Lessons

Private or Semi-Private

Build Confidence
Master New Skills

Work either privately or in a small group tailored to your specific skill level in a guided environment. Spend 90 minutes or 2 hours learning and practicing techniques to leave you feeling confident on the trails!

Beginner: your coach will teach you body position on the bike, braking, cornering, and line selection to begin, more as time allows.

Intermediate: your coach will teach cornering at higher speeds and cornering on berms, dealing with obstacles uphill and downhill, and basic jumping.

Advanced intermediate: your coach will teach drops, jumps, introduction to wheelies and manuals, and more challenging uphill and downhill obstacles.

Bike Lesson Packages

4 Lessons/Package

Ride faster,
more efficient,
and in control!

Over the course of multiple lessons, we will teach you the physical and mental skills on how to ride balanced, efficiently, fast, and smooth. We also teach drills for each skill so you can practice after the lesson and master these skills, ending the frustration of not riding to your potential.

First, we teach you the goal of the skill, explain how to do it and, what it should feel like. Then we demonstrate the skill, so you can see it done and know what it looks like. Next, you practice the skill using drills while we encourage and assist you, ensuring you don’t slip back into old habits.
Once you have a good understanding of the skill and some practice we apply the skill out on the trail.

  • Private Bike Lesson Pricing
  • 90 minutes: $75
  • 2 hours: $100
  • Semi-Private Bike Lesson Pricing (2-6 people)
  • 90 minutes: $50/person
  • 2 hours: $65/person
  • Private Bike Lesson Packages (4 lessons/package)
  • 90 minutes: $255
  • 2 hours: $340
  • Semi-Private Bike Lesson Packages (4 lessons/package for 2-6 people)
  • 90 minutes: $340 for 2 people, $170 each additional person
  • 2 hour: $440 for 2 people, $220 each additional person

Required Gear

Recommended Gear


How big are the groups? – 6:1 ratio

Can I create my own groups? – That’s the only way! Our lessons are either private with one-on-one instruction or semi-private if you have siblings or friends who want to learn as well. For semi-private lessons, we recommend all riders be around the same ability level.

What if I’m not ready to buy a package? – No problem! You can buy a single lesson and if you want a package, we apply what you’ve already paid to your package.

When are the bike lessons? – We keep it small so we can be flexible and accommodate your schedule. Lessons can be scheduled 7 days a week between 9 AM and 6 PM.

Can I get lessons in the winter? – Yes! We offer winter fat biking lessons as well.

Is there a minimum age? – No minimum age! We can teach your tyke how to ride a bike!

What if I don’t have a bike? – You can rent a fat tire or hardtail MTB from Alaska Trail Guides for your lesson. Or, you can rent a full suspension MTB from a local bike shop.

Can beginners get lessons? – Know how to ride a bike but never been mountain biking? Our instructors will give you the knowledge to confidently get out on the trails and will set up for success.