Frequently Asked Questions

Alaska Trail Guides Frequently Asked Questions provides instant answers to questions about our anchorage mountain bike tours and bike rentals. Is your question not in our frequently asked questions? Feel free to contact us.

  1. Why choose AKTG?
  2. Will I see wildlife?
  3. Do I have to know how to ride a bike to go on a tour? What kind of rider do I need to be?
  4. What if I get too tired and do not want to bike the entire distance?
  5. Do you rent bikes?
  6. What kind of bikes do you use? Do you offer E-Bikes?
  7. How far will we ride?
  8. What’s for lunch?
  9. How many people will be on tour?
  10. What’s your cancellation policy?
  11. What is your minimum age requirement?
  12. Can solo travelers participate?
  13. What gear do I need to bring?
  14. What weather should I expect in Anchorage and Girdwood?

1. Why Choose Alaska Trail Guides?

Alaska Trail Guides is locally owned and operated providing immersive, guided biking tours that show you the best of Alaska in an active way! When it comes to choosing how you spend your time (and money) on your dream vacation in Alaska, we believe that proven experience, in-depth knowledge, and the reputation of the company you choose to spend your day with are integral to the quality of the experience you will have on your tour. While we can think of countless reasons to come bike with us, we’ve boiled it down to these top 4 reasons why:

  1. Experience matters and our company’s knowledge and background, combined with our vision and passion for biking, make us unique. Founded in 2017 by Elly and Frankie, with a passion for Alaska, a background in glaciers and sea kayaking, and a deeply rooted love for biking. These ingredients are mixed together to create one of a kind experiences on two wheels. Alaska Trail Guides doesn’t offer traditional bike tours, these are bike tours crafted by a sense of adventure with years of experience. 
  2. Exceptional routes that are thoughtfully and carefully designed by owner/operator Elly, an Alaskan for the past 17 years. We never bike on the road and she knows the quirks and charms of Alaska, finding the best bike paths and trails to showcase what it’s like to live and play in our state. Plus, we know where to find the wildlife and tucked away treasures along the way. 
  3. Top-notch bikes, equipment, and support. A good bike and the right gear for the weather can make or break a tour. We believe there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. At Alaska Trail Guides we take great pride in providing high-quality bikes and gear to ensure that it’s not the weather you are worried about, it’s having fun and getting that perfect Instagram photo. 
  4. An experience for every type and level of rider. Whether you like biking up into the mountains or you are more of a flatlander, or somewhere in between, we have a tour for you. Our rides are group rides, mostly at a leisurely pace, designed to allow you to explore the landscape, experience the joy of breathing fresh air and being active while traveling. We offer several bike styles depending on comfort and preference. We go the extra step of point-to-point tours, allowing us to take advantage of the natural landscape. Alaska Trail Guides is permitted for all our State Parks, City Parks, and the Chugach National Forest allowing us to offer the widest selection of mountain biking trails tailored to your abilities and interests. 

2. Will I see wildlife on the tour?

Alaska is an amazing place to see wildlife! We share our trails with moose, bears (brown and black depending on the trail), and bald eagles! We can’t guarantee wildlife, however, no matter if you choose a City Biking Tour or a Mountain Bike Tour, there is a 75% chance we will see a moose! Common wildlife spotted on our tours: moose, bears, bald eagles, snowshoe hares, ptarmigan, beluga whale, Dall Sheep, salmon, coyotes, and more!

3. Do I have to know how to ride a bike to go on a tour? What kind of rider do I have to be to go on one of your tours?

We require that you know how to ride a bike before arriving for your tour. Biking tours range from leisurely, flat, paved terrain to rides for advanced cyclists on and off-road. When making your reservation, we will ask about your biking ability to ensure you are choosing the best trip for you. Our guides are here to help you feel comfortable and reacquaint you with the equipment if it’s been a few years. We also have several different styles of bikes to match rider style and comfort level.

4. What if I get too tired and don’t want to bike the entire distance?

To ensure the most enjoyable experience, please read the skill and fitness level of the tour(s) you are interested in. If you have any questions about which tour is best for you and your group, give us a call! All our tours are designed around our beautiful Alaskan scenery. There are periodic stops for scenic overlooks perfect for pictures, changing layers, and having a quick snack.

5. Do you rent bikes?

May – September, we offer mountain bike rentals. We can also deliver to Kincaid for $50
Please see our Rental Page for more details.

6. What types of bikes do you use? Do you offer E-Bikes?

Anchorage Greenbelt Bike Tour: Kona Dew hybrid bikes.
This bike has an aluminum frame to save weight and is built for a lifetime of smiles and comfort. This bike is designed for a day of exploring. (image on the left)

Coastal Cruise Bike Tour: Specialized Roll Comfort Cruiser
which is a step-through frame that sits upright. Great for those with restricted mobility or who do not ride often. (image on the right)

Chugach MTB Adventure: Salsa Timberjack or Rangefinder. If a full-suspension bike is desired, one can be provided at an additional cost. 

Singletrack Sampler Private Tour: Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt full-suspension

Hybrid bike for tours with Alaska Trail Guides
Fat tire bike for winter fat tire biking and summer mountain biking
Step through bike or womens bike

Electric bike upgrades are available on the following tours:
– Anchorage Greenbelt Bike Tour
– Private Singletrack Sampler
– Winter Fat Tire Bike Tours

7. How far will we ride?

Coastal Cruise Bike Tour: 9.5-mile bike ride beginning at Kincaid Park and ending at Westchester Lagoon.

Anchorage Greenbelt Bike Tour is a 30-mile loop. The average time to complete this loop is 4 hours, with stops along the way. The overall group’s ability pace will determine the actual time.

Chugach Mountain biking tours are out-and-back rides and have a maximum biking time of 2.5 hours, not mileage. The average distance biked in 2 hours with clients is 8 – 10 miles. The overall group’s ability level will determine the total mileage covered.

Winter biking tours are out-and-back rides and have a maximum biking time, not mileage, and vary based on trail conditions and the group’s ability. Trips have a maximum biking time of 2 hours, not a set mileage to cover for this reason. The average distance biked in 2 hours with clients is 5 – 10 miles.

8. What is for lunch?

Box lunches are provided by a local cafe that uses locally sourced and organic ingredients. Lunch is included for full-day tours. During the booking process, you will be asked to select your lunch and provide any dietary restrictions we should be aware of.

9. How many people will be on tour?

Citing Biking Tours: 2 to 8 people

Mountain Biking Tours: 1 to 6 people

Winter Biking Tours: 1 to 6 people

10. What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that circumstances arise, and occasionally, clients have to cancel a reservation. Alaska Trail Guides follows our cancellation policy to protect our ability to operate tours and maintain our price structures. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance in order to safeguard against any unanticipated changes to travel plans.

Day Tours:

  • 15 days or more prior to trip date: full refund
  • 8 – 14 days prior to trip date: 50% refund
  • 7 days or less prior to trip date: non-refundable

If you do need to cancel the reservation for any reason prior to your trip date, we require all cancellation requests in writing by email to

11. What is your minimum age requirement?

Our minimum age requirement varies by trip. Please see the trip details pages. If booking a private trip, we can accommodate any age.  Note: we charge an additional fee for private trips.  Please contact us for more details.

12. I’m traveling solo. Can I join an AKTG biking tour?


The more time we have to add other riders, the better! By contacting AKTG early, we have more time to pair you with other cyclists.  If you’re the first to request a specific departure, we’ll make a reservation and attempt to add additional clients. To hold the tour, we require the minimum to be met, typically a 2-person minimum. If additional clients add to the tour, you will be refunded the difference. If no one else books, we will notify you five days prior, offering you dates and times of other trips that have met the minimum, giving you the chance to reschedule.

13. What gear do I need to bring?

Weather in Southcentral Alaska changes from day to day. We hope for warm, sunny days while being prepared for cool, rainy days. The weather and what you can expect will all change based on which trip you choose. Girdwood has a cooler climate as it is located in a temperate rainforest, whereas Anchorage is warmer and drier. Overall, the rules in Alaska are: do NOT wear cotton and always layer.  Wear clothing made of polyester, wool, fleece, nylon, polypropylene, and/or Capilene. The athletic types of clothing work really well.

Day Tours WE PROVIDE (SUMMER/FALL/Winter/Spring)

  • Bike & helmet
  • Lightweight biking gloves (mountain biking only)
  • Frame bag or basket, depending on the type of bike/tour
  • Snacks (offered on all tours) and water
  • Lunch (only full-day tours)


  • Pogies (bar mitts)
  • Hand warmer
  • Insulated over-boots

Most food can be adjusted based on client allergies and dietary restrictions.



  • T-Shirt or long-sleeve shirt (non-cotton preferred)
  • Insulating Layer (i.e. Fleece Jacket)
  • Rain Jacket
  • Gloves: light/thin fleece gloves or if you have your own personal biking gloves bring them!
  • Warm hat (beanie)
  • Sunglasses


  • Comfortable, non-restricting/athletic/hiking pants to bike in
  • Closed-toe shoes (required) Please note: we do not have clip-in pedals or shoes. If booking a private tour, you can request clip-in pedals to match your cleats. However, you must provide the clip in your shoes.


  • Synthetic winter long underwear (top)
  • Insulating Layer (i.e. Fleece Jacket)
  • Hard shell or warm winter jacket/parka
  • Winter gloves or mittens
  • Warm winter stocking hat
  • Sunglasses


  • Synthetic winter long underwear (bottom)
  • Snow pants
  • Wool or heavy winter socks
  • Stiff-soled winter boots

* “Toe Shoes” such as Five Fingers are NOT allowed. Flip-flops and sandals such as Chacos, Tevas, or Keens are NOT allowed * AKTG does not have spare footwear. If you arrive for your trip in footwear that is not approved, you may not be able to participate.


  • Camera
  • Small day pack
  • Rain jacket and pants
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Snacks
  • Binoculars
  • Reusable water bottle (prefilled)
  • Guide gratuities

14. What is the weather like in Anchorage?


Protected by the Chugach Mountains and warmed by currents of the Pacific Ocean, Anchorage’s climate is mild. Summer temperatures here get into the low 70s. Between March 19 and September 23, Anchorage gets more hours of daily sunlight than anywhere in the other 49 states. Anchorage is near 61 degrees north latitude: about as far north as Stockholm, Sweden. Packing for a visit to Alaska can be summed up in one word: layers. Standing next to Exit Glacier in Seward, you may want a sweater or fleece. Then again, when you stop for lunch on a sun-soaked deck in Girdwood, you’ll want to be able to cool off in short sleeves or thinner materials. Just add or subtract layers as needed. The biggest factor is the wind, which can add a chill any day. A light windbreaker or rain jacket and rain pants can go a long way to provide warmth and comfort.