5 Easy and Beautiful Walks for Families Around Anchorage 

When you visit Anchorage, Alaska, you’ll soon see that it’s not just a bustling city, but one surrounded by majestic mountains and panoramic views. With plenty of locations to choose from, Anchorage is a haven for families looking for beautiful walks to explore together! So we’ve rounded up our top 5 easy walks, suitable for even the smallest feet. 

These trails offer a blend of nature, accessibility, and opportunities for quality family time. At Alaska Trail Guides, we’re big advocates for discovering what the world beyond the city streets has to offer. Even if you choose one of our Anchorage city biking trails, you’ll discover how green Alaska is!

If you’re interested in learning how you can explore the city and beyond by bike get in touch, but for now keep reading to take a family-friendly virtual walk around Alaska with us.

1. Stroll Around Eagle River Nature Center, Anchorage 

Distance: Various options, from 0.8 miles to 3 miles

Located a 40-minute drive from downtown Anchorage, taking a visit to Eagle River Nature Center makes for a brilliant half-day outing. Not only does the Center provide learning opportunities about nature through interactive resources and outdoor activities, but there are several trails to enjoy as a family here. 

The shortest trail is the Rodak Nature Trail, which is walkable year-round and only 0.8 miles in length. With informative signs and benches dotted along the short route, the trail leads to the Center’s Beaver Viewing Deck and Salmon Viewing Deck, giving you a chance to spot some wildlife.

The longest trail we’d deem family-friendly is the Albert Loop Trail, clocking in at 3 miles, which takes roughly 1-2 hours. This route begins at the Nature Center and includes the banks of the Eagle River. It’s closed from August through October to allow bears to feed, but outside of these times offers an immersive walk through this beautiful area.

You can learn more about the available trails and current weather conditions on the Center’s website. 

Eagle River (Source I License

2. Walk Kincaid Bluff Trail to Experience Anchorage’s Wildlife

Distance: 2 miles, round trip

It’s no secret that Kincaid Park is one of the most popular — and beautiful! — parks in Anchorage. With multiple outdoor activities available, from biking to skiing, this spot is a great destination year-round. 
The Kincaid Bluff Trail is an easy route that will take you and your family to one of the few sandy beaches in Anchorage. Head to Kincaid Chalet to begin, where you’ll find several larger parking lots. On the walk, be prepared to spot moose and, perhaps, the small population of black bears that call the park home.

This is a popular trail, so expect dog walkers and other hikers en route, alongside a changing landscape of forests and meadows. This spot is only a 15-minute drive from downtown Anchorage, so nature is on your doorstep! 

If you’d like to experience even more of Anchorage’s green parks, check out our Anchorage Coastal Cruise Bike Tour, which is suitable for kids aged 10+. Coasting along on two wheels, you can enjoy the Cook Inlet, Kincaid Park, Earthquake Park, and much more.

Young moose walking on the bike path
Young moose walking on the bike path

3. Snap Family Photos While Hiking Reflection Lake, Anchorage

Distance: 1 mile

Taking a walk along the Reflection Lake Trail is one of our favorites. Located a 30-minute drive from downtown Anchorage, this destination offers amazing spots for family photos as well as the opportunity to see loons, beavers, and moose from the trail. 

Walkable all year round, this trail is flat and offers little ones plenty to look at as you’re looping the lake. On a clear day, you can marvel at the mesmerizing reflections of the nearby Chugach mountains and stop on the benches dotted around the lake to soak it all in.

Caption: Reflection Lake (Source I License

4. The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail Offers Epic Views in Anchorage 

Distance: As long as you like!

The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is a firm favorite with Anchorage families, particularly due to its accessibility. The wide concrete path accommodates two-way foot traffic and many types of travelers, including wheelchairs and strollers. Even from the parking lot, you can see Westchester Lagoon and the peaks of the Chugach mountains. The total length one-way is 11 miles, but even doing a small portion of this easy trail offers epic views and plenty of rest stops. 

The view along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

5. Visit Potters Marsh For a Gentle Walk in Anchorage

Distance: 1 mile 

While Potters Marsh isn’t strictly a hike, but more of a gentle walk, it’s still a great location to take the family. With wetlands and wildlife aplenty, this short trail is a popular spot amongst hikers and birders. If you’re lucky, you may spot moose and bald eagles!

Along the route, you can stop at Potter Marsh Wildlife Viewing Boardwalk, which is a great spot for seeing salmon in their natural habitat during spawning season. Depending on how long you stop to snap pics or look at the sights, this trail takes an average of 22 minutes to complete. 

Located a 15-minute drive south of downtown Anchorage, this trail is open to visit year-round. It’s easily accessible and has plenty of benches to rest on along the way.

Potters Marsh (Source I License

While we’ve only scratched the surface of beautiful and easy family walks around Anchorage, there are plenty more to discover! We hope this offers a good starting point to help you choose a walk that’s right for your family.

If you decide to add cycling to your itinerary, feel free to browse our Anchorage city biking tours and our mountain biking tours from Anchorage, depending on what you’d like to see. If you have any questions about our tours, please get in touch with our friendly local experts. Until then, happy walking!

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