Beginning Singletrack Mountain Biking Clinic

$159 - 4 Sessions
$159 - 4 Sessions
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Availability : June & July 2022
Min Age : 16

Progression Mountain Biking Clinic: Beginners

This two-week course begins with the core fundamentals of mountain biking. Topics include bike-body separation, climbing positions, braking, descending positions, cornering, front, and rear-wheel lifts, ratcheting, and balance techniques. We will also cover trail etiquette, suspension set-up, basic bike maintenance, and repair. By the end of the course, students will be able to comfortably bike all the Kincaid and Hillside singletrack trails (not the one-way flow trails).

Clinic Location

  • Kincaid Park

Days / Times

  • June: 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th
  • Monday's & Wednesday's 6:30 - 8:30 pm
  • July: 25th, 27, & August: 1st, 3rd
  • Monday's & Wednesday's 6:30 - 8:30 pm


  • A reliable, well-maintained mountain or fat tire bike with hand brakes and functioning gears
  • Prerequisites: Comfortable riding on dirt paths, climbing and descending dirt ski trails
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Helmet
  • 2 hours of instruction per session
  • $159 for 4 sessions
  • Fitness Level: Recreational - Active
  • Skill Level: beginner - intermediate
  • Minimum Age: 16
Skills & Fitness
  • Mountain Biking Skills
  • Beginner – I know how to ride a bike, shift gears, and use hand breaks. I can control my speed and direction on the pavement, however, I am new to mountain biking and have never ridden dirt trails or ride off-road once or twice a year.
  • Novice – I have some experience riding dirt trails or off-road terrain and have been mountain biking several times. I can control my bike speed and direction on smooth trails and moderately uneven terrain, but often walk my bike when things get rooty. I am able to anticipate the terrain and know when to shift gears some of the time.
  • Intermediate – I have been mountain biking for at least 2 years and ride regularly. I am able to control my speed and direction on moderately steep and technical singletrack trails which may include tight trees, mud, loose rocks, and sand. I can roll over small obstacles but I don’t take my wheels off the ground. I can anticipate the terrain and know when to shift gears.
  • Advanced – I am a strong rider who has been mountain biking for 5 or more years. I am comfortable climbing and descending steep, technical and exposed terrain that includes rocks, tree roots, primitive trail, tight switchbacks, short drops, and jumps.
  • Fitness
  • Leisurely: My main source of exercise is walking or light workouts once or twice a week. I enjoy getting outside and walking or light activity. I prefer mostly flat or downhill terrain. Short, small hill climbs are doable, but less is ok with me. (Less than 200 feet of climbing)
  • Recreational: Weekend warrior or commute to work or do spin classes in the gym, I enjoy an active lifestyle, working out 2 to 3 times a week with an occasional physical challenge. I enjoy gentle rolling terrain and feel great after reaching the top of a hill climb. (Less than 500 feet of climbing)
  • Active: Fitness is central to my life. I ride my bike regularly weekly (spin classes count!) or I work out 4 to 5 times a week physically challenging myself with almost every workout. I enjoy hills and like getting some speed. (Less than 1,000 feet of climbing)
  • Avid: Fitness is my life and everything I do revolves around my workouts and nutrition. I ride my bike an average of 100 miles per week and enjoy a fast pace for an extended time. I love to train, improve, and maybe even race my friends. I enjoy all-terrain!