• Fat tire biking

  • Helicopter drop off/pickup from glacier

  • Local, professional and knowledgeable guides

  • Fat tire bike with studded tires, helmet, pogies (bar mitts), overboots, and hand warmers


  • Available: Sundays in January and February 2020

  • Activity Level: Moderate to Strenuous - Winter biking conditions can be strenuous depending upon snow conditions and weather.

  • Cost: $395 per person - 3 person minimum required


  • 10 - 14 miles of biking

  • 3 - 6 miles of biking

** Note: Weather condition vary in the winter. Length of trip will vary based on conditions. **

Call to book, spots are limited! 
(907) 317 - 5707

A true Alaskan winter experience! Fat tire biking is a phenomenon that has exploded in popularity over the past 5 years and for good reason. In the winter, 5 inch studded tires allow you to cycle in wilderness you never would have imagined. Frozen rivers and lakes become highways to pedal down, creating an unforgettable experience.

Knik Glacier winds down out of the Chugach Mountains and sits 5 miles wide at the face. Fly above the vast mountains on a helicopter to the frozen lake at the face of Knik Glacier. Hop out of the helicopter and get ready to explore this winter wonderland by fat tire bike! Experience the beauty and wonder that our glaciers hold. Cruise the lake on your fat tire bike, weaving around icebergs frozen in place.