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Group on city bike tour in Anchorage Alaska.

5 Anchorage Excursions & Activities on a Cruise

Are you taking an Alaskan cruise and looking for shore excursions? Join Alaska Trail Guides to discover the best activities in and from Anchorage.
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What are the Best Excursions to Do on an Alaska Cruise?

What are the best excursions to do on an Alaska cruise? Read this Alaska Trail Guides blog for our picks, from fishing for salmon to Anchorage MTB tours!
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What to Do in Winter in Anchorage

Are you wondering what to do in winter in Anchorage? Read this Alaska Trail Guides blog to find out more about visiting our winter wonderland.
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5 Easy and Beautiful Walks for Families Around Anchorage 

Heading to Alaska and looking for a beautiful family walk around Anchorage? Read Alaska Trail Guides' top 5 walks for some destination inspiration!
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A large lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains under a blue sky.

5 Epic Things to Do Near Anchorage, Alaska

Looking for epic things to do during your trip to Anchorage? Discover awesome activities and attractions in and around the city, with Alaska Trail Guides.
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What are the Best Cycling Routes in Anchorage?

What are the best cycling routes in Anchorage? In this Alaska Trail Guides blog, we choose some of our favorites! Read our picks and plan your adventure.
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Snow-covered houses, trees and mountains under a wintry sky.

What Are Some Little-Known Facts About Anchorage, AK?

Nestled between majestic mountains and the Cook Inlet, Anchorage is a city like no other! Discover some of its little-known facts, with Alaska Trail Guides.
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What Are Some of the Best Places to Hike in Alaska?

Searching for the best places to hike in Alaska? Join Alaska Trail Guides to discover national parks, off-the-beaten-path trails, and more across the state.
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A river running through an orange and green forest under a blue sky. Photo: Zetong Li

What is Anchorage, AK known for?

From scaling massive mountains to running with reindeer, & everything in between – discover the top places to visit in Anchorage with Alaska Trail Guides
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5 National Parks You Must Explore Near Anchorage, AK

Read this Alaska Trail Guides blog about the 5 national parks you must explore near Anchorage, AK, and start planning your adventure in the 49th state!
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